Dr. Deborah Ribnick Claim

Dr. Deborah Ribnick is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in Reno, Nevada. She has held diverse positions in varied settings including psychiatric hospitals, an adolescent group home, jail and prison settings, and private practice. Dr. Ribnick provides a variety of services including: Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy to adolescents, adults, and parents Assessment services, with specialized expertise in parental capacity & child–custody assessments Co-parenting interventions Mediation Services Collaborative Divorce Services Professional Consultation Dr. Ribnick has a warm and interactive style. She draws upon a variety of modalities to help clients achieve understanding and resolution of their personal concerns and psychological issues. She customizes her services to meet the individual needs and interests of her clients. With all clients she focuses on identifying and achieving personal goals and life balance. While addressing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, as well as past or present stressors / trauma, Dr. Ribnick helps her clients to identify and develop coping skills and internal strength. She also helps clients examine the impact of their choices and behaviors on themselves and others with whom they interact. Dr. Ribnick strives for her clients to examine their current life path so they eliminate reactive or habitual patterns and, instead, make conscious, self-determined choices.

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